13 Ways to Thrive with Tracking

The benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system extend beyond the day-to-day fleet operations, it can help improve your entire business. There are a variety of top reasons to use GPS tracking for your fleet, but in honor of our anniversary, here’s thirteen!

1. Optimize Routes13 ways to thrive

With our fleet monitoring system, managers will be able to help drivers avoid busy streets and take the fastest routes. You will be able to view detailed reports of your driver’s routes so that you can ensure they are taking the shortest and quickest distance between locations. With optimized routes, a business can greatly improve schedules and increase fuel efficiency.

2. Increase Fuel Efficiency

By reducing excess speeding and unauthorized usage, fleets will be able to greatly increase fuel efficiency. Controlling unnecessary wastes of fuel, such as a vehicle’s idle time, can significantly decrease a fuel costs for your business.

3. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Our advanced telematic features include vehicle diagnostics and fuel level indicators. Rather than spending money by taking your vehicle to a mechanic, the detailed data from our system will help you determine when an inspection is actually needed.

4. Improve Customer Service

With the help of GPS tracking, your fleet will be able to respond to service calls quickly and reach your customers in a timely matter. With optimized routes and increase productivity, you will also be able to increase the number of trips per day. More trips will lead to happier customers and more business!

5. Boost Productivity 

Since a dispatcher will be able to easily and quickly identify the most efficient routes for drivers, you will also see a boost in productivity. Reducing downtime is another key to improving driver productivity. By scheduling trips more efficiently and decreasing idle time, you will also be reducing the downtime of your vehicles.

6. Lower Labor Costs 

Overtime work hours can be expensive for a business. With fleet monitoring, you will be able to track hours worked and not worked for each employee, as well as put a stop to excessive breaks that are taken. If time-sheet numbers aren’t adding up, you will be able to control your overtime costs.

7. Reduce Paperwork

GPS tracking will help your drivers, dispatchers, and managers eliminate paperwork. Our system can automatically track and store details with minute by minute reporting. You can track up to 120 days, and even schedule weekly or monthly reports directly to your inbox.

8. Improve Safety

The safety of both your drivers and goods can be greatly improved with fleet tracking. If there is a problem with a vehicle, you will know its location so that you’re able to send another vehicle immediately to help. Tracking excessive speeding and maintenance needs will also play a factor in your employee’s safety.

9. Locate Your Assets

With GPS tracking, you’ll be able to locate your lost, stolen, and track unauthorized use of your vehicles. By determining when your company’s vehicles are being used for non-business purposes, you can also significantly improve the efficiency of your fleet. This especially helps if you have set hours that your vehicles are allowed/not allowed to be used.

10. Document Stops

Your data reports will allow you to analyze and track the routes taken by your drivers, including every stop. This information will also allow you to optimized routes, reduce idle time, and determine if the stops are necessary or unauthorized.

11. Improve Communication

Fleet monitoring will improve your communication with both your customers and your drivers. Drivers will no longer need to stop and check in with the office, since your tracking system will tell you exactly where they are. By being able to see how long each trip takes and where your drivers are, you’ll have a more precise time to tell your customers.

12. Customize Alerts

With our fleet monitoring system, you can customize text or email alerts when your vehicle goes in/out of a specific area, if a vehicle is being used at an unauthorized time, or even if the vehicle is speeding. You can tailor your alerts and notifications based on your business’s needs.

13. Be competitive

With our GPS fleet monitoring system, you’ll be able to beat out your competition by reducing costs, providing first-class customer service, and keep your employees productive.



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