Free Fleet GPS Tracking Demo

Free Fleet GPS Tracking Demo

Two GPS Tracking Units For A Month

By now its obvious to most of you who read my blogs that I’m passionate about what I do for a living. I really enjoy helping business owners, operations managers, dispatchers, and vehicle maintenance staff run their fleet operations more efficiently and effectively. One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that there are a lot of trades companies (plumbers, painters, HVAC, landscaping, etc) out there who don’t feel like they need a GPS Tracking system for their fleet. When I ask why, one answer I hear often is that they are interested, but haven’t taken the time to evaluate a GPS Tracking System.

There is no doubt that the best way to understand the value that a professional GPS Fleet Tracking system can have for your company is to test the system on your own vehicles. If your business is in the Austin area, I’ll help you do that by personally coming out to your office and installing trackers on a couple of your vehicles. Next, I’ll show you how to use the system, and then go away.  After a month or so you can either sign up for the service, or not.

If you live outside the Austin area, then I can ship you a couple of units so that you can evaluate the service. They are very easy to install, and a lot of customers choose to do the installation themselves. In fact, for the purpose of the demo you can usually just plug the unit into the vehicle’s OBDII port. We usually prefer to install the device behind the dash for a permanent installation, but for a month long test just plugging it into the OBDII will do the trick.

Regardless of where you live, if you decide after a month or so that the service does not make sense for your business. We’ll simply get the units back from you and hopefully part friends.

Are you ready for your free fleet GPS tracking demo?  Contact us today!


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