Technology? Get This Off My Plate!

Technology? Get This Off My Plate!

Get This Off My PlateMost of the business owners we work with did not start out with the ambition of becoming a technology expert.  In fact, a lot of them started out as plumbers, contractors, landscapers, truck drivers, and so on, and were good at what they did.  So good, in fact, that they soon needed help.  So they hired their first employee and bought another vehicle, then another, and then another, and before they knew it they were no longer spending their day focused on the core activity of their business.

Instead, they had acquired a whole new set of activities that had to be done to keep the business running.  Everything from Accounting to Zipper Clauses became their responsibility, and in the beginning most business owners try to do it all themselves, at least for a while.

But little by little the obvious becomes apparent.  All of these side-jobs are taking the owner away from what they should really be focused on, which is running the core business.  Unless your business is accounting, making sure the books are compliant to government regulations is important, but time consuming.  The same can be said for IT services, HR, Payroll, and a bunch of other niche areas of expertise.

Most of the technology aspects of a modern business fall into this category as well. Whether its GPS Tracking, or a phone system, or a customer database, a lot of small businesses find themselves stuck between being to small to afford a full time tech guy, and too small to live without one. Outsourcing your technology projects can be a cost effective way to keep your time free for the things that really matter.

What do you need help with? We offer a wide range of technology consulting services that can keep your business running smoothly.

About Don Sesler

Don Sesler is the Owner and President of Sageplan Technology Consulting. While being the "company quarterback" does take up some of his time, Don still prefers the role of technologist, helping his customers improve the efficiency, security, and productivity of their business.