GPS Fleet Monitoring: What’s In It For Me?

Fleet Monitoring: What's in it for You?As a business grows the opportunity to save cost through efficient fleet operations grows as well, but so does the job. Sure, keeping track of operator’s daily activities and maintenance schedules might be simple enough for a couple vehicles. But as the vehicle count grows, so does the complexity of organizing. This is where our Fleet Monitoring Solution comes in.

No fleet operation is exactly like another. However, there are similarities that point to common areas of opportunity when it comes to saving money.

Top Five Ways Fleet Monitoring Saves You Money

1. Fuel Cost Reduction

This is what most people think of first, and with good reason.  Other than the cost of the people sitting the vehicle, and perhaps the depreciation cost of the vehicle itself, fuel is the highest ticket item in fleet operations. Fortunately for us, fuel costs have been at historic lows for almost two years now. This means that we all receive an operations cost reduction every time one of our vehicles fills up at the pump. Still, personal side trips, errands, joy riding, and even idling in the parking lot can add up over the month if they’re allowed to go unchecked.

2. Reduce Overtime & Time-Sheet Fraud

I really despise this one, but it happens. When employees drive off over the horizon, the vast majority of them behave like grownups and give the boss honest work for honest pay. But that’s not true for everyone. It can be a big surprise to discover that some of your employees are being dishonest with their time-sheets. One hour of avoided overtime easily pays for the fees of our service. By adding an extra layer of GPS supervision, OT hours can magically drop off of some time-sheets.

3. Increase Productivity

How many hours a week are you paying your workers for goofing off? How do you know? There are plenty of studies proving that employees need downtime over the course of the day.  In fact, their overall productivity will actually improve after they have it.  But there’s always that one individual that takes advantage of the lack of supervision and take goofing off to a whole new level. If you do not know your staff’s location, you’re setting yourself up to pay for blocks of time that were of no benefit whatsoever to the company.

4. Improve Maintenance

Some fleet companies are very organized with routine maintenance, and some companies could use a little help. If your business falls into the latter category, we can help set up a maintenance schedule for your fleet that sends you an email when routine maintenance is due.

5. Make Your Drivers Better

As soon as the drivers know that their driving behavior is being monitored, they become better drivers. I call this “waiving the magic wand”. Speeding, accidents, and reckless driving costs your business money. Our fleet monitoring system will put a damper on bad driving behavior, and save you money instead.


If you are a numbers person, you may want to check out our Online Fleet ROI Calculator. It’s a handy tool to get a rough idea of what potential savings can be achieved by implementing a tracking system like ours.

And, of course, feel free to simply give us a call if you want to talk about the intricacies of your fleet operations.

About Don Sesler

Don Sesler is the Owner and President of Sageplan Technology Consulting. While being the "company quarterback" does take up some of his time, Don still prefers the role of technologist, helping his customers improve the efficiency, security, and productivity of their business.