How Much Does GPS Tracking Cost?

Professional GPS Tracking for Less Than $1/Day

We routinely get calls from people who are shopping for a fleet GPS tracking provider, and quite often the person calling has been instructed to simply find out how much the service costs. I get it. As a business owner myself, cost is always at the front of my mind too when I’m thinking about adding a service to my business. The last thing I want to do is overpay for something and take money out of the business for no good reason.How Much Does GPS Tracking Cost?

Depending upon the details, a top tier, professional, full service GPS tracking service should be less than about $1/day. There can be exceptions to that if you are needing to do something complicated, but most businesses can keep the recurring fees at or below that number.  The hardware shouldn’t cost more than about $200 max (ours is lower), and these days the installation process is usually easy enough that most companies choose to install the equipment themselves.

If you run across a website that is offering GPS tracking for vehicles at super low prices, here are a few things you should check on before deciding to use their service:

Hardware Quality and Certification

Some manufacturers will take shortcuts to reduce the cost of a tracking device. Installing the wrong piece of hardware can reduce the quality of the GPS tracking for several technical reasons. A lot of the cheaper units are not even certified to legally connect to the telecommunications services they need to work properly, which means that they could just stop working someday because a telecom company disconnects them from their network.  Not all GPS tracking hardware is built to the same standard, but in our shop we only work with the highest quality, most reliable equipment we can find.

Web Portal Features and Stability

Having a staff of talented developers available to keep the tracking portal updated with the latest and greatest features is an investment, and its one of the areas where a low cost solution provider can cut corners.  Ask to see a demo of the tracking portal, and make sure it has all of the features you need to get the best return on your investment. Better yet, call us and let us demo our system for you for free, and then use that as the benchmark to compare others to.

Customer Service

This is the quick and easy area that the cheapo guys will use to cut their costs. Much like the software developers, having talented and friendly people available to answer the phone when you need help isn’t free, but it will absolutely make the difference when it comes to getting value out of the service.  If the GPS tracking company you are looking at does not have a phone number you can call to get customer support, scratch them off the list.

Of course, the real question for any business should be what the value is of implementing a new business tool, rather than just thinking about the cost. We have a handy ROI calculator that takes a look out how much money you can expect to get back for your investment in GPS tracking.  If you are ready to talk about your GPS tracking needs, contact us!  If you call during normal business hours we’ll pick up the phone.

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