Have You Seen Our New Weatherproof Cases?

As with most types of technology, GPS trackers are updated frequently, in both hardware and software. Our customers demand the best, and so do we! We’re always researching and looking for the newest and best hardware to present a unique and streamlined tracking experience to our users.

Our most recent update involves our SageTracker hardware, which now has a longer-lasting battery as well as 3G cellular capability. For our professional grade users that require months of battery life, we will continue to offer and support the 90 Day Extended Life Battery Pack, as well as a new Extended Weatherproof Case that will protect your investment. The new case is slightly larger to accommodate the SageTracker’s new form factor, and still features its signature covert color and optional magnetic mounting base.


Wondering whether the new SageTracker is a good fit for your application? Give us a call at 512-686-4400 and we’ll be happy to help!


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