How Fleet Monitoring Makes Your Employees Better


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Nobody likes the idea of having Big Brother looking over their shoulder, and you are not going to win any popularity contests by implementing a GPS tracking system into your company’s field operations. But the bottom line is that a lot of people will behave differently in an unsupervised work environment than they will when they know that the boss is (or could be) watching, and while changing a business culture can be painful, the overall benefit it brings often makes it more than worthwhile.


Take the example of a demo we did for a West Texas municipality. They took us up on our offer to borrow one of our battery operated GPS devices and put it into an employee’s vehicle that had been turning in overtime hours on every timesheet for months. They told the employee that he was participating in a pilot program, and that there was now a monitoring device on his vehicle that would be used for a variety of things, including timesheet verification. The employee was not very happy about this new arrangement, but was told that this was not a voluntary program and he had to live with it.

After about six weeks we got a call back from the supervisor. “You are not going to believe this”, he said, “but every timesheet that has come in from this guy since we started the demo has had no overtime reported whatsoever.” In fact, they were able to show an overtime reduction of over $400/month for this one employee’s payroll alone, and that was the easy thing to measure. There was also a decrease in mileage and engine hour usage on his vehicle, leading to measurable savings there as well.

And what did the supervisor do to make this happen? Other than tell the employee that the device was in the vehicle, the supervisor did practically nothing. Sure, he looked at the monitoring history occasionally, but he soon realized he did not have to. “As soon as the device was in the vehicle”, he says, “the guy’s behavior changed. It was that simple.” The reality is that quite often, very little effort has to be put into the service to get a good return on the investment, because the simple act of putting the device into the vehicle will make an employee think twice before padding a timesheet or using the company vehicle for their personal errands.

Of course, there are a lot of opportunities to get even more out of a fleet monitoring system. Our services range from basic, self-service tracking to a full service option where one of our staff experts can serve as your outsourced fleet management supervisor, keeping an eye on all of the incoming data and distilling the information into comprehensive reports that you can use to better manage your operations. Any of our fleet monitoring solutions can be deployed on as few as 2 vehicles, and can be scaled up to cover literally thousands of mobile assets in the field. With no equipment to buy and no software to maintain, this service allows organizations to implement the very latest fleet monitoring service without the risk of purchasing hardware which may quickly be out of date.

Sound interesting? Give us a call and we will be happy to tell you more about this exciting program.

About Don Sesler

Don Sesler is the Owner and President of Sageplan Technology Consulting. While being the "company quarterback" does take up some of his time, Don still prefers the role of technologist, helping his customers improve the efficiency, security, and productivity of their business.