How to Schedule a Last Update Report

How to Schedule a Last Update Report

What is it? A method of identifying vehicles that have not reported in several days for troubleshooting purposes.

How does it help? It can save time by removing the need to log into the tracking site to view important data on a regular basis.

Fleet monitoring is an integral part of many businesses, but who has time to sit and page through a website to find the specific tracking data they need? This article will help you configure the system to automatically send all the info you need, when you need it.


  1. Log into your tracking account and click on the “Reports” button at the top:
  2. At the top left, click the “Schedule a New Report” button:
  3.   In the “Report Type” list, choose “Last Update”. Then click “Next” at the bottom right:4. Change the “File Format” to suit your preference. If you intend to save the data on your computer, “Microsoft Excel” is usually best. If you want to view it more like it’s shown online, choose “Full HTML”. After selecting, click “Next” at the bottom right: 5.  On the next screen, choose when you want to receive the email and how often. Then click “Next” at the bottom right: 6. On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and find the “Email Address” section. Type in the email address you wish that needs to receive the report and click “Add”. This will move the email address into the box above, so that you can type in another email address in case the report should be sent to multiple people. Click “Next” when you’re ready to proceed:7. On the next screen, use your left mouse button to click any vehicles that should be included in the report. Any vehicles selected will be highlighted in blue. Click “Finish” when you’re ready to proceed:8. The scheduled report will now appear at the bottom of your screen. You can edit or delete it as necessary from this section. 

We know how valuable your time is, and we’re working hard to add new reports all the time. If you’re interested in having a specific piece of information sent to you in a report, please give us a call at +1.512.686.4400 and let us know. It may be already available, or we may be able to add it in the future.

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