Guardian GPS Locator

  • Free Location Updates Every 13 hours
  • Additional Locates Available on Demand
  • Ability to Disable Vehicle Remotely
  • No Monthly Subscription Fees
  • Years of Maintenance Free Operation

Guardian Credits

The Guardian uses 2 credits for each supplemental location fix. Order credits now and save!

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Guardian GPS Locator

ST Guardian is ideal for situations where continuous tracking is not a requirement, but the ability to find the vehicle when lost or stolen is crucial.   This GPS locator is an innovative solution for theft protection and recovery for almost any powered asset ranging from the family sedan to the largest industrial asset.

This simple device can be used to help locate a lost elderly driver, recover a stolen vehicle, or occasionally check on a teen driver’s location, all with no monthly payment. This device will automatically update the vehicles location every 13 hours at no charge! Need to locate the vehicle in between the free updates? The ST Guardian GPS tracker’s simple pay per use model makes it the perfect tool for a variety of applications.

Installation of the ST Guardian is fairly simple, and many customers choose to install the unit themselves.  But if that option is not for you, you can choose the optional professional installation option at checkout and have an installer from our nationwide network install the unit for you (Go to Installer Network Website).
Credit Requirements: The ST Guardian operates on a credit system, with each action requiring a different number of credits.  The number of credits required for each action is as follows:

Action                                       Number of Credits
Supplemental Vehicle Locates                 2
Disable Starter                                      3
Re-Enable Starter                                  2
Audible Warning/Reminder                     2


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