Why Tow Truckers Use Our Fleet Tracking

Tow Truck Tracking

As an owner of a towing service, getting to a stranded customer or accident scene quickly is a key to your success. Our easy-to-use fleet tracking system helps tow companies respond faster, improve driver performance, and reduce fuel cost. As a towing company, you know that money is time and no matter what size your current structure is, those vehicles in your fleet need to be properly maintained and the fuel conserved.

 Customer Service

Having a customer stranded on a highway while waiting for the tow truck needs immediate help. You need to be there as quickly as possible—not only to get your client’s car towed but to get him to safety. Tracking makes this easier because with a fleet of tracking systems, you will know where the closest truck is, and you can dispatch it to your waiting customer. When a customer call comes in, do you know which one of your vehicles is best positioned to respond? With GPS trackers, you would know. Dispatch and routing systems give you the monitoring and communication tools to more efficiently assign drivers to customers. Your drivers will be routed to the customers who are closest to them and will even have the fastest route sent directly to them. Your customers need you when they are in emergency situations so if you’re able to respond quicker, it will definitely make customers happier.

Reduce Fuel Costs

A company without a GPS tracker system will find themselves sending tow trucks across town when a closer vehicle may be accessible. These mishap wastes fuel, increases the need for repairs, adds unneeded man hours, and wastes valuable time that could be sent on other clients. A towing company who employs a GPS tracker will find themselves saving money in several of these key areas.

Boost Productivity

In the towing business, it is difficult to supervise your drivers when they are out on the road. With GPS tracker alerts, you can know that your drivers are doing the right thing (or the wrong thing). You will instantly know when one of your drivers exceeds the speed limit or leaves his or her designated geofence area. This extra monitoring will allow you to keep record of your drivers’ good performance so that you may reward them accordingly. In the end, better job performance benefits everyone.

The tracking system will also ensure that your drivers are behaving properly. With an effective system, you will get alerts when your drivers are speeding, excessively idling, or being unsafe. You will also know whether or not your drivers are using your vehicles without proper authorization, allowing you to improve your business by responding to customers rapidly, boosting efficiency by monitoring driver performance, and improving driver safety.

At Sageplan, we specialize in finding ways to make GPS tracking work for you.  Our GPS Tracker for the towing industry gives you better routing, better response times and better communication. The best part is that all of these advantages and more only cost you about $1 dollar per day. This means that our service will pay for itself many times over, every single month.

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