Product Profile: VXT-200 GPS Tracker

VXT-200: More Than Just GPS

GPS tracking devices range in capability from simple gadgets that keep track of a vehicle, to powerful technology that do much more than a basic tracker.  Our VXT-200 is on the high tech side of the spectrum, with the capability to tie in directly to the vehicle’s computer system, and stream a lot of information about the vehicle’s performance to our servers. Over the last few years this device has been the unit of choice for most fleet managers.

Since it plugs directly into the vehicle OBDII port, installation is very easy and can usually be done by the customer themselves.  We even provide a nice adapter that allows the device to be hidden behind the dash.

Here’s a short-list of some of the most valuable features:

  • Ignition On/Off: Exactly when and where the vehicle starts and stops.
  • Engine Idle: Did the vehicle sit while idling, costing you fuel and man-hours?
  • Engine RPM: Is your driver playing hot rod with your equipment?
  • Fuel Level: Quickly and easily check the fuel level of your vehicles online.
  • Harsh Braking: If the driver is slamming on the brakes, what are their other driving habits like?
  • Fault codes: If a dash light comes on, you can be immediately notified.

If you are tracking equipment that does not have an OBDII connector, you may be better off with an ST Advisor, or one of the other units that you can find in our online store.

Better yet, give us a call and let us help you chose the right equipment for the job!

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Don Sesler is the Owner and President of Sageplan Technology Consulting. While being the "company quarterback" does take up some of his time, Don still prefers the role of technologist, helping his customers improve the efficiency, security, and productivity of their business.

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