VXT-200 OBD Tracker

  • Fast Reporting Rates
  • Simple Installation
  • Years of Reliability and Performance
  • Fleet Grade Quality & Reliability


plus a one-time activation & setup fee

The VXT-200 is our plug and play solution for vehicle tracking.  Simply plug the unit into the vehicle’s OBD port and start tracking.  This device can be installed quickly and easily, providing real time updates at fast reporting intervals at very affordable subscription rates.   This GPS tracking device is perfect for tracking a long list of vehicle utilization data including fuel consumption,  vehicle maintenance cycles, stop durations, mileage, and even vehicle diagnostic information.

This affordable unit is the modern choice for fleet monitoring applications as well as long term, real time monitoring of any personal vehicle.  Regardless of whether you need to track an entire fleet of vehicles or simply one, the VXT-200 is the perfect choice.

A monthly tracking service subscription is required.  See cart for pricing and options.

Do It Yourself Installation

Many of our customers choose to install this device themselves because it can be fairly easy. Here’s a short video explaining the process.