API Connectors In Business

What The Heck is an API Connector Anyway?

API Connectors Explained
In case you haven’t noticed, little mobile applications and software services are popping up everywhere. And small wonder really. Many of these tools are very handy, doing small things to make our business run just a little bit better.

But as your business grows, you will need to start thinking about how these tools can share information or “talk” to each other. Fortunately, developers often include a set of connectors that allows different programs to share information. An API connector (API stands for Application Programming Interface) sounds complicated, but the idea is simple. If you can share information between two programs or applications, chances are good you will make both of them more useful.

Let me give you an example. Our GPS Tracking system has the ability to record the mileage of each driver, as well as information on where and when each driver stopped during the day. Our client can have the system drop a mileage and stops report into their inbox every morning. That’s fine if a human needs the information, but what if it’s another program that we need to share the data with? That’s where the API comes in. Just a few short lines of code will allow an API connector to drop that same information into say, the business’ accounting system. These connectors can really become important as your business grows. The bigger the business, the more complex the management tasks become.

Do you have software or applications that don’t currently share information, and you wish they did? We can help you investigate whether the tools you are using now have the proper APIs build in to share data back and forth, or help you figure out a long term plan to keep your business tools aligned with your growing business.


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