About Sageplan

Since 2004, Sageplan Technology Consulting has been dedicated to providing excellent service in a dynamic, ever changing environment, based on integrity and knowledge. We are a full service technology consulting service, with an additional niche expertise in GPS tracking & vehicle telematic services.  Our fleet monitoring services can help the most complex operation with assets scattered around the globe, and we also offer covert tracking solutions for law enforcement as well as private investigation services.

Key Features

Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable fleet monitoring services that help reduce operations cost and improve field staff productivity.

      • Web-Based: No Software to Install
      • Unlimited Access to Tracking Information
      • Best Service & Support Anywhere
      • Fleet Tracking Solutions for 2-2000 Vehicles
      • Rental Units Available (USA only)
      • Battery Powered Devices for Covert Applications

How it Works

Our real time tracking systems are a complex mix of hardware, software, and wireless services.  Our hardware manufacturers are recognized leaders in Global Positioning System technology.  We do not add any device to our product line until we are satisfied that the unit will function correctly if used per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our real time tracking solutions also require wireless service in order to send the GPS tracking telemetry to our tracking server.  We offer two different types of wireless service from a variety of wireless service providers, which means we can mix and match our system until we find the solution that meets your needs.
The final component of our GPS tracking systems is the mapping.  Our most popular mapping solution today for both our real time and data log tracking devices are the maps generated by Google, which continue to improve their worldwide map detail at a very fast pace.

About the Owner: Don Sesler

Don is a career technologist with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small business navigate all things tech.  After a successful career in corporate America, Don started Sageplan with the mission of providing value to those that the company serves. Sageplan spent the first 15 years of its existence focused on GPS Tracking technologies, but in 2018 began to open its portfolio of services to include a broader variety of technical services. Don is an accomplished public speaker and trainer, enjoys cycling and soccer in his free time, and on rare occasions can be found at the local race track pushing his sporty car around on driver’s weekends.