GPS Fleet Tracking ROI Calculator

Fleet Monitoring ROI Calculator

If you have been thinking about implementing a GPS Fleet Tracking service within your organization, sooner or later you are going to have to justify the cost.

Implementing a GPS Fleet Monitoring system costs money, so it’s fair to ask what are you going to get back as a return on your investment?  Aside from the obvious peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where your vehicles are and where they have been, there are real operational efficiencies and productivity gains that come along with the added layer of supervision a professional fleet monitoring service can provide.  While the cost to benefit analysis will vary depending upon the details of your particular business, we’ve posted a new online calculator that can help you understand the potential Return On Investment opportunities the right system can provide.

Here are a few of the key parameters that our calculator considers:

  • Fleet Size: How many vehicles are in your organization?
  • Vehicle Type: Sedans, Pickup Trucks, and Semi Trucks all have different operational costs.
  • Employees: How many employees to you have in each vehicle, and what is their hourly rate?
  • Excess Mileage: How many miles a week do you think each vehicle is being driven unnecessarily?
  • Wasted Time: How many hours a week do you think your field staff is goofing off?
  • Engine Idle Hours: How many hours a week is the vehicle’s engine being left running without need?
  • Insurance Savings: Does your insurance company provide a discount for fleet monitoring?

Using just a handful of parameters like these, you can quickly see the savings opportunities presented by a professional grade fleet monitoring system.


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hrs. per Week

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Insurance discount % per

Annual Savings
Labor Cost
Excess Mileage Cost
Insurance Cost
Engine Hrs Cost
Total Annual Savings
Time to Recover Investment
Net Year 1 Savings (after cost)
Subsequent Year Savings

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