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Not Your Granddaddy’s GPS Tracking

Know Where Everybody Is?  That's Just the Beginning. When we opened our doors in 2004, GPS tracking devices were pretty basic compared to what they can do today.  Back then, ...
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Tracking Select Vehicles vs. The Entire Fleet

Do I Really Need to Track Every Vehicle? I got a call this week from the owner of an HVAC installation and service company.  He had just hired a new ...
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Why Can’t GPS Trackers Be Smaller?

How Small Can A GPS Tracker Be? Well, It Depends ...
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How to Introduce Your Fleet to GPS Tracking

How To Roll Out A Monitoring Solution To Your Staff Now that you’ve decided to implement GPS tracking, it’s important to get your employees on board before the roll out ...
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One Bad Apple Can Spoil the Whole Bunch

When Employees Exploit Bad Policy, Everybody Loses Not long after I had been given my first real supervisory role I was faced with my first challenge. The company policy gave ...
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Saying Farewell To World Tracking Solutions

Saying Farewell To World Tracking Solutions World Tracking Solutions is now Sageplan Technology Services After an almost 10 year run, Sageplan has made the decision to retire the brand name ...
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13 Ways to Thrive with Tracking

The benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system extend beyond the day-to-day fleet operations, it can help improve your entire business. There are a variety of top reasons to use GPS tracking ...
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Fleet Monitoring: What's in it for You?

GPS Fleet Monitoring: What’s In It For Me?

As a business grows the opportunity to save cost through efficient fleet operations grows as well, but so does the job. Sure, keeping track of operator's daily activities and maintenance ...
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