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Turning the Tables on Technology

Turning the Tables On Technology We spend a lot of time working with our clients on issues revolving around maximizing field staff productivity and fleet efficiency. The reason for this ...
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5 Covert Tracking Considerations

5 Covert GPS Tracking Considerations First things first.  If you are running a business and are thinking about tracking an employee without their knowledge or permission, be careful.  The rules ...
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The Dollars & Sense of GPS Fleet Monitoring

The Dollars & Sense of GPS Fleet Tracking If you have been thinking about adding GPS Fleet Tracking to your organization, sooner or later you are going to have to justify ...
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Free Fleet GPS Tracking Demo

Free Fleet GPS Tracking Demo Two GPS Tracking Units For A Month By now its obvious to most of you who read my blogs that I'm passionate about what I ...
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Product Profile: VXT-200 GPS Tracker

VXT-200: More Than Just GPS GPS tracking devices range in capability from simple gadgets that keep track of a vehicle, to powerful technology that do much more than a basic ...
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Cell Phone Tracking: Pros and Cons

Cell Phone Tracking: Pros and Cons A question that comes up from time to time is whether or not a company can, or should, use cell phone tracking on an employee's ...
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Bluetooth Beacons: What Can They Do?

Bluetooth Beacons: Cheap and Versatile One of the most interesting, and practical, devices to arrive on the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape is the humble Bluetooth beacon. A friend asked ...
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5 Myths About GPS Fleet Tracking

Let's Separate GPS Tracking Fact from Myth. GPS Fleet Tracking technology is an ever changing field, and is dramatically different now than it was when we started out in 2004 ...
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