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Types of Trackers & Telematic Hardware

How to Pick the Right GPS Tracking Device When its time to implement a tracking solution, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by the number of GPS Tracking & Telematics ...
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Geo-Fencing. What Is It? Why Do I Care?

Geo-fencing: one of the most useful tools in GPS Tracking The concept of geo-fencing is pretty simple. Think of it as an invisible, electronic fence around a region of interest ...
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The Real Cost of Falsified Timesheets

Timesheet Fraud Can Drain Resources. And Morale. One of the key topics that we discuss with business customers early on is how GPS tracking can improve timesheet verification of their ...
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Having A GPS Tracker Installed

Having A Tracker Installed? Getting a GPS device installed in a vehicle is fast and easy.  We have an extensive network of technicians that are trained to install your new ...
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Not Your Granddaddy’s GPS Tracking

Know Where Everybody Is?  That's Just the Beginning. When we opened our doors in 2004, GPS tracking devices were pretty basic compared to what they can do today.  Back then, ...
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Tracking Select Vehicles vs. The Entire Fleet

Do I Really Need to Track Every Vehicle? I got a call this week from the owner of an HVAC installation and service company.  He had just hired a new ...
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Why Can’t GPS Trackers Be Smaller?

How Small Can A GPS Tracker Be? Well, It Depends ...
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How to Introduce Your Fleet to GPS Tracking

How To Roll Out A Monitoring Solution To Your Staff Now that you’ve decided to implement GPS tracking, it’s important to get your employees on board before the roll out ...
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