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Saying Farewell To World Tracking Solutions

Saying Farewell To World Tracking Solutions World Tracking Solutions is now Sageplan Technology Services After an almost 10 year run, Sageplan has made the decision to retire the brand name ...
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13 Ways to Thrive with Tracking

The benefits of implementing a GPS tracking system extend beyond the day-to-day fleet operations, it can help improve your entire business. There are a variety of top reasons to use GPS tracking ...
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Fleet Monitoring: What's in it for You?

GPS Fleet Monitoring: What’s In It For Me?

As a business grows the opportunity to save cost through efficient fleet operations grows as well, but so does the job. Sure, keeping track of operator's daily activities and maintenance ...
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Tow Truck Tracking

Why Tow Truckers Use Our Fleet Tracking

Benefits of Tracking Your Tow Trucks Sageplan is the ideal solution for towing companies that are looking to monitor their fleet. As an owner of a towing service, trucks promptly arriving to an ...
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Electronic Logging Devices & The Owner-Operator

Truck drivers have had an obligation to log their Hours of Service (HOS) for many years now, and have had to be ready to provide those logs to law enforcement ...
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What “No Contract” Means to Us

Our favorite thing about being a small local business is connecting with our customers. Unlike larger companies, we're able to build relationships with each of our clients, and give them the attention they ...
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How Fleet Monitoring Makes Your Employees Better

Nobody likes the idea of having Big Brother looking over their shoulder, and you are not going to win any popularity contests by implementing a GPS tracking system into your ...
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Tracking Trainee to GPS Guru

It's officially my three week anniversary at Sageplan. Boy how time flies, and how things change! On my first day, I remember being so overwhelmed with learning all things tech ...
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