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Driverless Cars Picture1

Driverless Cars and Their Potential Impacts

Although autonomous vehicles (AVs) provide many new opportunities and advantages, there are various disadvantages that need to be considered. Before we're able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, ...
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Sageplan Signs Agreement With Verizon Wireless

Sageplan is excited to announce that it has signed an Agreement with Verizon Wireless, opening up a broad portfolio of products and services to its customers, including the Internet of ...
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The Dollars & Sense of GPS Fleet Monitoring

If you have been thinking about implementing a GPS Fleet Monitoring service within your organization, sooner or later you are going to have to justify the cost ...
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Get This Off My Plate

Fleet Monitoring? Get This Off My Plate!

Most of the business owners we work with did not start out with the ambition of becoming a fleet manager. In fact, a lot of them started out as plumbers, ...
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Sageplan Renews Association with Texas Municipal League

Ever since the business was started back in 2004, we've enjoyed working with local government entities from all over the USA. But as a company that is based in the ...
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How GPS Tracking Works Coverslide

How Do GPS Tracking Devices Work Anyway?

Ever wondered how a tracking device works? Here's the basics in less than 60 seconds ...
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Route Verification & Compliance: Why It Matters

Every time one of your drivers starts a vehicle, it is costing you money. Think of it as little dollar bills flowing out the exhaust pipe. It's not just the ...
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Covert Spy

5 Covert Tracking Considerations

First things first. If you are running a business and are thinking about tracking an employee without their knowledge or permission, be careful. The rules on what is and is ...
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