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Contracts Cuffs

What “No Contract” Means to Us

Our favorite thing about being a small local business is connecting with our customers. Unlike larger companies, we're able to build relationships with each of our clients, and give them ...
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How Fleet Monitoring Makes Your Employees Better

Nobody likes the idea of having Big Brother looking over their shoulder, and you are not going to win any popularity contests by implementing a GPS tracking system into your ...
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Glasses with Google Maps

Tracking Trainee to GPS Guru

It's officially my three week anniversary at Sageplan. Boy how time flies, and how things change! On my first day, I remember being so overwhelmed with learning all things tech ...
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Internet-Of-Things Thansparent

What Exactly Is The IoT Anyway?

Since we first opened for business in 2004, our primary focus has been to provide the best GPS tracking services possible, and over the years we've tracked the location of ...
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Driverless Cars Picture1

Driverless Cars and Their Potential Impacts

Although autonomous vehicles (AVs) provide many new opportunities and advantages, there are various disadvantages that need to be considered. Before we're able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, ...
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Sageplan Signs Agreement With Verizon Wireless

Sageplan is excited to announce that it has signed an Agreement with Verizon Wireless, opening up a broad portfolio of products and services to its customers, including the Internet of ...
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The Dollars & Sense of GPS Fleet Monitoring

If you have been thinking about implementing a GPS Fleet Monitoring service within your organization, sooner or later you are going to have to justify the cost ...
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Get This Off My Plate

Fleet Monitoring? Get This Off My Plate!

Most of the business owners we work with did not start out with the ambition of becoming a fleet manager. In fact, a lot of them started out as plumbers, ...
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