Cybersecurity Basics For Small Business

Cybersecurity Basics for Small Business

Cybersecurity is one of those things a lot of small businesses overlook, because it’s not important. Until it is.

If you are using a mainstream personal computer, tablet, or cell phone, chances are good that you have some basic cybersecurity built in to your machine’s operating system. And that’s a good thing. This first line of defense can catch a lot of potential problems, and help keep you and your business out of trouble. At least most of the time. This issue is, that the people who want to hack in to your systems know that most people are using the off-the-shelf solution, so they spend most of their time figuring out how to penetrate those security measures. If your business is small and you know how to spot a dangerous email or website link, you may be able to live with built-in cyber security for a long time. But as your business grows, so does your risk of a successful cyber attack.

Let’s take a quick look at one of the most common cyber attacks called phishing, which can be designed to circumvent a basic cybersecurity suite. Phishing is most commonly done by email, and chances are good you’ve seen hundreds of them. The idea is to get you to click on an attachment or link, which will install a virus on your computer. A lot of phishing emails look crude, unsophisticated, and, well, phishy. The real threat comes from the good ones. Just one example. Say someone sends out an email that looks exactly like an email you would get from a health insurance company. If they send it out to thousands of people, a certain percentage of people that they send it to will use the health insurance company that they are pretending to be, making it likely that many of those people will think it’s legit, click the link, and, presto. You’ve been hacked.

While we’ve all heard of phishing, the truth is there are many, many more threats out there that we haven’t heard much about, and can easily circumvent a basic cybersecurity system. If your company is starting to grow, it’s very important that you get a plan in place to protect your business’s computers and information from the bad guys. It only takes on one mistake by one person to expose your whole company to a cyber attack, and the advanced cybersecurity suites that are designed to raise your security level are not that expensive. Setting up good company policies and practices can be a big help as well, just a little bit of training can help your staff spot suspicious content before it’s too late.

Do you need help setting up your cybersecurity? We can help with that, just get in touch with us!


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