Bringing Order To Technology

Business Applications and Services Made Simple

Add a technology expert to your team

Sageplan Technology Consulting is a group of qualified technology experts focused on the needs of small to mid-sized companies. If you don’t have the budget for in house technical staff, or would like to supplement their team, we can help.

Don’t waste your valuable time learning about complicated business systems and applications when you should be focusing on your core business. Our team can take care of simple tasks or complex projects while you take care of your business.

From simple systems audits to complex project deployments, we can be your go-to resource when you need help.

Save Time

Every minute you spend researching business systems solutions is time spent away from your core business.

Save Money

Why pay for a full time technologist when you don’t need one? Hire us at a fraction of the cost.

Beat the Competition

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by deploying effective and efficient technology tools.

Our team becomes your team

When you ask for our help, you don't just get a person, you get a team with expertise in multiple areas of discipline. Our staff has experience in personal computer support, server support, phone systems, application development, and small business productivity tools just to name a few.

Our Services

On Demand

No contracts, no commitments. Billed by the hour. Just pick up the phone and call us when you need us.

Project Execution

Have a big project coming up and need help getting it done? We’d love to help.

Fractional CTO

Have one of our experts assigned permanently to your team at a fraction of the cost of a full-timer.

Our Areas of Expertise

Voip Phone Services

Website Development

API Web Connectors

Marketing Automation

CRM Systems Deployment

GPS Tracking

Fleet Monitoring

IoT Solutions

Business Radios

Technology Systems Audit

Business Software

IT Services

Cloud Backups

Server Support

Partnership Vetting

Need Something Else? Ask Us!

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