Geo-Fencing. What Is It? Why Do I Care?

Geo-fencing: one of the most useful tools in GPS Tracking

The concept of geo-fencing is pretty simple. Think of it as an invisible, electronic fence around a region of interest. Common geo-fence locations include the office, a customer’s location, or perhaps the boundary of your organization’s region of interest.

One example is a customer of ours who runs a boat sharing club. All of his boats are harbored in the same marina, and when a client takes a boat out for the day, one of the staff members will make sure that the client has everything they need for a fun day on the lake.  The tricky part comes when the customer returns the boat at some point later in the day. Before they had a tracking system, some poor guy would have to keep an eye out for boats as they were coming in to the marina, and then scramble to make sure somebody met each boat as it came in. After the tracking system was installed, it was an easy task to set up a text notification to let the team know when a boat was coming back into the marina, making it much easier to ensure that the client was welcomed back from their day on the lake by a friendly staff member.

Geo-fences can also be used to make sure a vehicle never goes outside the boundaries of a pre-defined region. We have several municipal customers who’s vehicles rarely should leave the city limits. In this case, we set up a rule that the appropriate personnel are notified when a vehicle leaves the city limits.  Nine times out of ten, there is a reasonable explanation for the vehicle skipping town, but we have caught people using their work vehicle for things that they should not have been using it for.

You can also add other rules to the notification to catch very specific actions, such as an ignition being turned on when the vehicle is inside a specific geo-fenced region.  Do you have a specific notification that you would like to set up?  Call us and let’s see if we can make it happen!

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